Life Lessons To Be Learned From Camping


Life Lessons To Be Learned From Camping

Camping turned out to be a great teacher

We blame our lack of time, busy schedules, hectic lifestyles for not spending more time exploring; within ourselves and in the world around us. Taking a camping trip can give you all this and much more. Throughout my life, I took multiple camping trips, went through thick and thin and I grew a lot as a person. 

Camping takes you away from a technologically ensconced environment.

Camping allows you to take a break from your smartphones and laptops; the constantly buzzing contraptions of modern society that keep us in touch with things that more-often-than-not lead to more stress. Being in the thick of nature, away from the internet is one of the biggest perks of camping. You can unplug from everything and dive into being one with your surroundings. Just try to stop relying on Google to solve every problem. Concentrate more on the most fundamental things around you. The grass, mountains, trees, bushes, and try to live amongst them; you’ll have no choice but to experience the bounties of nature that you might miss regularly. As a result, you may realize the benefit of turning your phone off from time to time, of not checking social media or replying to every email that you receive after work hours. Your brain will thank you for it.

There’s life beyond technology

Think about the last time you actually went out and talked to people, your friends and family learned more about them/their experiences and returned enriched. In this hyper-connected world, we tend to use social media to keep up with our peers. We text, skype, and facetime to catch up while losing out on the intimacy offered by a face-to-face conversation. We are bogged down by stress, hectic schedules, constantly pinging devices, and remain distracted while trying to lend an ear, or a few words of comfort to a loved one.

The campfire

I can’t quite put my fingers on it, but there’s something special about the campfire. The campfire is one of the rare things on our planet that can inspire conversations about fears, hope, the meaning of life… There’s something mysterious, yet fulfilling about the campfire. Something that makes you tell stories about you that not even your closest friends and relatives know. All conversations next to the campfire have a deeper and more soulful timbre. Perhaps because we’re not distracted by our smartphones, TV, and other banalities that bring more stress into our lives and we can focus on the things that really count; nature, good company, and reconnecting with your gut feeling.

Leave your gadgets behind.

It’s tempting for novice campers to carry as much of their world with them as possible on a camping trip. And even though there are some essentials that you should bring along, the purpose of camping should be to thrive under the most basic conditions. What you need to take with you are only the things that will keep you comfortable in the wilderness. Leave your gadgets behind. All you require beyond meeting your rudimentary needs are only a blanket, a few books, and an open mind.


Camping proves to you how much more life has to offer, beyond just your materialistic needs. It opens your eyes to possibilities in yourself that you were not even aware of and provides many valuable lessons that if you chose to incorporate into your daily life, would help in your personal growth and progress.