In some of the most beautiful parts of our country, surrounded by cultural treasures, historical heritage and other exciting tourist attractions lie seven delightful resorts where guests are welcomed with unprecedented hospitality.
Each resort is a safe, relaxed loop court where you can make yourself at home for an unforgettable family vacation, an inspiring conference or team building session, your dream wedding or a cultural discovery trip!
All the ATKV resorts boast comfortable self-catering accommodation, caravan parks and luxury units whose ratings vary between two and four stars. There are delicious places to eat, sunny playgrounds, places for blissful relaxation and action for Africa!
The resorts offer loads of fun, such as mini golf, hot and cold water pools, water worms, squash and volleyball courts, trampolines, hiking trails, horse riding and much more for young and old. The advantage of the ATKV resorts is that you book per unit and not per person. So these are truly affordable family holidays. Fun weekends and holidays offer good quality family entertainment that promises to tickle everyone’s pleasure muscle. Furthermore, the resorts are located all over South Africa so that the ATKV can accommodate all its members and holiday lovers.
The ATKV’s resorts were again this year among the resorts that were awarded. In the category for large self-catering resorts, ATKV-Drakensville and ATKV-Hartenbos were semifinalists , while ATKV-Klein-Kariba was a finalist in the same category. The latest addition to the ATKV stable, ATKV-Eiland Spa , was finally named winner in this category.
ATKV-Natalia was a semi-finalist in the category for caravan and camping sites, while ATKV-Goudini Spa received a “highly recommended” from the judges in the category for resorts with variety.