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Tava Lingwe Game Lodge, located in Vredefort, Free State, offers an excellent wildlife experience for tourists seeking to explore the Northern Free State region. Situated just 35 kilometers outside of Parys, the lodge is nestled on a 170-hectare game farm.

Here are some key features and offerings of Tava Lingwe Game Lodge:

Wildlife Experience: The lodge provides a great opportunity to witness and experience South Africa's native wildlife in their natural habitat. You can look forward to encounters with a variety of animals and bird species.

Accommodation Options: Tava Lingwe Game Lodge offers a range of accommodation options to suit the preferences of different visitors. Whether you're looking for a cozy cabin, a rustic chalet, or even camping facilities, you'll find suitable lodging to make your stay comfortable.

Nature and Outdoor Activities: In addition to observing wildlife, visitors can engage in various outdoor activities such as hiking, game drives, bird-watching, and fishing. The lodge's natural surroundings provide ample opportunities for exploring and enjoying the great outdoors.

Scenic Beauty: The Northern Free State region is known for its picturesque landscapes. Tava Lingwe Game Lodge's location allows guests to appreciate the scenic beauty of the area, including the Vredefort Dome, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Relaxation and Tranquility: If you're looking for a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, this lodge offers a peaceful and serene environment. It's a great place to unwind and connect with nature.

Local Attractions: Parys, located nearby, is a charming town known for its arts and crafts, quaint shops, and scenic river views. Visitors can explore this town and its attractions while staying at the lodge.

Event Hosting: Tava Lingwe Game Lodge may also offer event hosting services, making it a suitable location for weddings, corporate retreats, and other special occasions.

Before planning a visit, it's advisable to check with the lodge for the most current information on accommodations, activities, and any specific offerings they have. This way, you can make the most of your experience at Tava Lingwe Game Lodge and enjoy the beauty of the Free State region.



Campsite Rates From

Rates From
R470per night
Campsite Rates per


Type of Accommodation
Campsite & Self Catering
Not Pet Friendly
Persons Per Stand
Number of Camp Sites
Ground cover
Tar road
Cellphone Reception

Facilities and Activities

More Activities
  • Putt Putt
  • Outdoor chess
  • Volleyball
Communal ablution facilities, Family bathrooms, Washing facilities, Power point, Caravan power point, Shop
More Facilities
  • Restaurant

Town, Road or River close to Campsite

Town nearby
Vredefort 25km, Viljoenskroon 25km
Road nearby


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